Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Real Talk

Either my husband is sleep deprived or his crazy work hours are driving him crazy. Probably both.

Ech: So tomorrow...Wednesday...I'm not going to be able to talk to you.
Will: What day are you talking about?
Ech: Wednesday. Tomorrow.
Will: What day is today?
Ech: Tuesday.
Will: Is it still Tuesday my time?
Ech: Are you serious? It's like 4 in the afternoon your time.
Will: I'm so confused!
[5 minutes later]
Will: You're not going to be able to talk to me!?!?

Remember how I said he likes to jump around topics in the middle of a conversation? He has upped his level of topic jumping:

Will: Oh! So like I was saying about that Justin Bieber song...
Ech: Wait what? When have you ever brought up a Justin Bieber song?
Will: It wasn't today. I think it was a while ago. But anyway there's a rock version just look up Punk Goes Pop.
Ech: Wait are you talking about January when you first heard that song when you were in Vegas?
Will: [laughs] Yeah.
Ech: You're really trying to continue on a conversation from over 3 months ago?
Will: [laugh] Yeah.

Oh that man is definitely keeping me on my toes.

The song he was talking about:

Friday, April 26, 2013

Loco Moco

Loco Moco is my favorite easy meals to make. I love the stuff!

Step 1: A layer of cooked white rice. I love rice so I use almost a whole cup.
Step 2: Add a hamburger patty. It can be grilled (which tastes amazing), but most times I fry it. If I don't have a hamburger patty, I'll use a quarter to half a pound of ground beef.
Step 3: Add a fried egg.
Step 4: Drown it all in gravy. And I mean drown it. This Hawaiian restaurant just outside of one of the Elmendorf gates served loco moco that was almost like gravy soup. Maybe don't put that much...but maybe try it because it was disgusting and delicious at the same time.

And voila! Meal is done. And it's surprisingly filling. I have to force myself to eat it all and it fills my husband's never ending pit of a stomach. It was one of the first things I learned how to cook when I decided to learn how to cook more than just ramen and frozen pizza.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Insert High Pitch Scream Here

The thing I most feared during Will's deployment happened. I have been anticipating it, but I never thought it would be this bad.

humongous a-hole

This HUMONGOUS a-hole climbed into bed with me. No, not just climbed into bed with me. It got under the sheets. IT TRIED TO CUDDLE ME! I was minding my own business when I saw it out of the corner of my eye just inches from my right elbow. I don't think I've ever moved so quickly in my life.

I ran downstairs to grab one of Will's combat boots. In that time the humongous a-hole hid. It took me forever to track him down and exact my revenge for trying to cuddle me in the bed I share with my husband. How dare you! I will not be cuddling with anyone but my man!

It's hard to tell, since I smashed it so much, but he was about an inch and a half long. And he moved faster than lightning. RIP humongous a-hole. This may make me sound cruel, but I won't miss you.

(Amy, I'm seriously rethinking the whole bed on the ground thing now.)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Real Talk

Will: I need you to do something for me.
Ech: Okay.
Will: Somewhere around the 8th or 9th I have to go to finance and set up that savings plan.
Ech: Okay...
I'm already opening a window to log into our bank account ready to move money for him.
Will: I need you to go online and buy me some Dickie's.
Ech: Huh?
Will: Yeah I need work pants.
Ech: Wait, what?
Will: It's getting hot here and I can wear Dickie's on the line instead of my coveralls.

I wish I could say he doesn't always talk in non sequiturs. But no. This is normal. He will also move onto a new subject and halfway through he'll switch back and finish his thoughts on the previous topic. I like to think it keeps my mind on its toes trying to keep up with his conversations, but for all I know he's killing my brain cells with confusion.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Will's Perspective

Will sent this picture of his room:
Haha! Chistmas. Will better take that down before he leaves so the next guy doesn't think it was his.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Catching Up

I got my Marshawn Lynch shirt in the mail! Love it!

the only beast mode

I met up with Jess and her friends for some cosmic bowling. My first round I got 130. 130!!! Usually I'm lucky if I hit 100. The second round we put up bumpers and made the rule that we had to do trick shots...no right hand throws. Somehow I wound up with a 90. What!? J's my deployment battle buddy. Our husbands are deployed together...in fact, they're roommates.

On Sunday our regular group of friends came over for a bbq. We had a blast, but it was clear we're all missing the deployed guys. The guys were telling silly jokes. Will definitely would have been joining in. In face, he had actually tried one on me the other day but I ruined it by not responding correctly. (Link to the joke) So silly!

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Friday, April 19, 2013


When I went on walks when I was little...4-10...I would make my mom stop anytime we came across a construction crew. It didn't matter if it was a big job or a small one, I wanted to watch. I guess I haven't outgrown that fascination because I was hanging out of my bathroom window on the second floor watching the crew pour concrete next door. The woman that runs the bar was out there with her son and waved when she saw me. Embarrassing...but didn't stop me from hanging out another 5 minutes to watch.

After I saw these pictures, I immediately cleaned my windows.
They piped the concrete up and over my yard...crazy!
These guys were out there at least 6-7 hours tending to the concrete. They gave me no chance to sneak over to make a hand print or write my initials.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Things I Wish I Knew Before

The day Will began his deployment, I sprayed his cologne on our pillows. BIG MISTAKE! As soon as my head hit the pillow...immediately tears. You know why? His delicious scent was all over me and the bed and it was a punch in the face reminding me that he's gone. Aaaand the scent is still there...faintly...but still there nonetheless.

I wish I knew it would take a little more than a week for packages to get to him. I wouldn't have spent a perfectly nice afternoon trying to wrap his damn box. If you didn't know, I despise decorating and wrapping. But I do it because I'm a girl who thinks it's cute to wrap and decorate things. Although...full disclosure...I've only decorated one of his boxes so far ( his birthday one) and none of Seester's boxes.

APO to APO shipping is free. Once boxes leave The States, the rest of their journey is through the military. BUT, it is not free if you use the priority boxes. So...wrap it. I deconstruct paper bags from the grocery store, turn it inside out, and use it to wrap all my boxes. Free! A little difficult, but free. And I reuse boxes that were shipped to us (I do a lot of online shopping since we live overseas).

Don't tell my husband about our bills. I made the mistake of telling Will that I got the gas and electricity bill in the mail. All I heard from then on was, "Did you pay the bill?", "Did you pay the bill yet?", "Did you pay the bill today?". HOMEBOY! It's not due until the end of the month! I'm not going to waste gas on a trip just to pay the bill. I'll do all the errands together on one day. (For the record, I paid the bill this morning.) He's such a micro-manager.

Bloggers. Are. Amazing. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it. I love how supportive my blogger friends have been. They get it or they want to get it and they've been so so so sweet throughout this whole thing. I never thought it was a bad idea to blog, and now I definitely think it's an essential part of surviving this deployment.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Care Packages

The first care package I sent actually went out right after I dropped Will off at the terminal. It was just stuff he couldn't fit in his bags that wasn't essential right away.

The second package...I forgot to take pictures, sorry. I made a "Fight! Fight! Fight!" theme.

What I sentWhy
The Rock highlights/documentary DVD To get some sweet wrestling movies. Like most males, he has a super huge man crush on The Rock.
UFC Greatest Moments DVDTo get some sweet MMA moves. My husband probably has all the fights on the dvds memorized. He knows every move, the stats of most fighters, and basically loves the sport.
A pillowPillow fights...and he asked for one.
Shaker with a wire whiskFor his protein shakes. Maybe he'll come back all bulked up. Hopefully not too much though.
Band AidsTo dress his battle wounds from fighting...or for his smallpox vaccine wound. It was still gross when he left.

The third package: BIRTHDAY! Will is turning 24 the second week of May so I've been putting together a box now so I can send it in time.

Will isn't one for presents or big celebrations. So I like to make him breakfast before work, a feast to come home to, and a cake. Last year I made him mac and cheese and a red velvet cake from scratch. I had to get a little creative for his birthday meals this year. I got him confetti cupcake Poptarts for breakfast, Chef Boyardee ravioli for dinner, and Hostess cupcakes for dessert. Of course I had to include plastic utensils and bowls because I know he hasn't thought to get any. I also found Crystal Light cocktail mixes for virgin birthday drinks with the guys!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Morning Walk

Will and I never go for walks. It's not that we've never gone for a walk together, it's just not something we suggest to each other when we're bored. But all the rain and cold had me stir crazy. Two days before he left, we decided to go for a little walk before the rain started up again and we ended up at the town's cemetery.

View of the cemetery from the road
I would follow this man anywhere
Cimitero sign
I love the way it looks like the trees...shrubs..plants..whatever...are hugging each other
Road to the cemetery
Front gates of the cemetery
We couldn't believe how ornate the headstones are, and almost every person had a picture somewhere on their grave
We need to start designing our fancy family crypt.
Heading back out
I like to believe this is the road to one of the entrances to Narnia
The mountains were peaking out from under the clouds
I love how bright and cheery these little flowers are
Signs of spring!
This house reminds me of Greece, I never noticed it before

Monday, April 15, 2013

Over the Weekend

After the whole Friday craziness, I wasn't up for much on Saturday. It was a lazy day in bed with Netflix. Eventually I got up and made some shrimp pasta with homemade alfredo sauce. I toasted up a slice of Texas Toast garlic bread...ridiculously good. In fact, Will normally eats most of it and I get maybe a plate or two for leftovers. Not thinking, I made a regular sized batch and now I'll be eating it all week. Oh well, it's one of my favorite meals.

shrimp pasta with alfredo sauce and garlic texas toast

Since I was in bed all day I didn't sleep well Saturday night. Rather than waste the day trying to get rest, I got up early and baked cookies for care packages. One for Will and one for Seester. Seester loves peanut butter cookies and Will always tries to steal them when I bake them for her so I thought I'd make a big batch for both of them...but I had a less peanut butter than I thought. I made a half batch of that and a full batch of chocolate chocolate chip pudding cookies (pin I used chocolate pudding instead of vanilla).

Ech baking
flourless peanut butter cookies and chocolate chocolate chip pudding cookies
flourless peanut butter cookies and chocolate chocolate chip pudding cookies

Then, my man and I Skyped! It was a terrible connection, but we got a good amount of quality conversation in before it started dropping us. 

Ech & Will Skype date

The rest of the day was spent finishing up the cookies, packing the boxes (non decorated --> Airing My Dirty Laundry!), cleaning up the kitchen some (I'll finish tomorrow), and lazying about on the computer. I was productive enough to feel good about myself without getting a whole lot done. My idea of a good weekend.

I used to have Instagram...but then I deleted it. And now I caved again. Ugh I'm weak, I know. I'm not trying to make a big deal out of it, but check your requests...I may have added you.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Red Friday

I got a new Red Friday shirt to wear in honor of my husband, the men deployed with him, and Seester who's also still deployed. I got it through Love & War Clothing. It's one of the comfiest shirts I own, I love it!

I keep his heart
he keeps me free

I mentioned before that I wear his wedding ring around my neck while he's gone. I also wear a cross that belonged to my grandmother. My mom gave it to me when I was too young...as evidenced by the bite marks since I was always putting it in my mouth. I hadn't planned on wearing them together, but I like the way they fall together on the chain.

wedding ring and cross

I decided to have a glass of wine while I cleaned up the house and caught up on blog reading...

Ech and moscato

Well...one glass led to two...and the next thing I knew the bottle was empty. Oops. I swear it was an accident. I really meant to be super classy and have a glass of moscato and have a relaxing night. Instead, I drunk Skyped a very good friend and entertained her for awhile. Then I continued with the photo session with my iTouch and had a hardcore one person dance party. I had a blast! Luckily, my husband finds me hilarious. I'm bummed he missed out on the fun, but he got to relive it when he got my pictures. So today I'm in recovery mode. I can't drink like I used to. I can't believe one bottle is causing me this much grief the day after.

iTouch photo shoot

Friday, April 12, 2013

This Week

Mama sent a box filled with goodies. My favorite is this adorable solar powered dancing elephant! I love getting boxes from her!

The video is nonsense and puts a smile on my face every single time. I love baby elephants!

So. Much. Deep. Cleaning. I'm not even close to being done. It's amazing how much Will distracts me from getting things done around the house and how much we never took care of since moving in. I've been so productive around here, I'm so proud of myself!

Remember how I said I wasn't going to do anything yesterday but wallow and watch Netflix and pamper myself? I lied. I drove over to Decathlon to pick up that elliptical. Good thing too! It was the last one! ...or at least it was the last one they had out. I thought I might be able to get away with carrying by myself...nope. A nice guy walking by helped me put it in my cart. Then at the checkout, the girl called over a guy to walk me out and help me put it in the car. Then when I got home one of the guys working construction next door literally ran over when he saw me carrying it and carried it into my house for me. So sweet! I love the thoughtfulness and helpfulness of strangers. There's no way I could have done it on my own.

I did, however, build it all on my own. It was easy enough, just a pain in the ass with all the moving parts and poorly drawn pictures. But it's done and it works and I'm ready to get in shape! My goal is live through a scary movie by outrunning the killer...and beat my husband in a footrace. We I decided that he would run 1.5 miles and I would run 1 mile and race. He's a whole foot taller than me and has to stay in shape for a living so I get less distance.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I have been so busy rearranging this entire house this week. I'm almost ready to take pictures and show off all my work. You know all those random little things that never really get unpacked or touched? I'm finally getting around to all that and it's been a whole mess of annoyingness. I did, however, find two fairly valuable necklaces that I have been desperately searching for. So I guess it made going through all that crap worth it.

For those of you who are curious about what I look and sound like in real life...I made a video for my husband. I had no intentions of showing it to anyone else. But if you want to see it, let me know and I'll give you the link. I'm not going to share it on here because it's a personal video and I don't want just any random person to pop in and see it. I'd much rather show just my close blogger friends who take the time to comment and email me and have been getting to know me. You know who you are.

I was going to go to Decathlon today and try to sweet talk a strong Italian man into helping me buy a cute little elliptical that I found there last weekend. But I woke up feeling extra tired and a little sad about missing Will. So I decided to take the day to lounge around in sweatpants and hang out with my best friend, Netflix. A day of wallowing and laziness, if you will. In fact, I think I'll put on a mask and make it a pampering day too. Ooo I just remembered there's a bottle of wine in the fridge. Extra score!

...on second thought. I think I might run down there after riposo. It says they only have 4 ellipticals left and there was a whole pallet of them when I was there on Saturday.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Best. Landlords. Ever.

My landlord and his wife are AMAZING! We went out for a drink (I had a beer, they had espressos) and chatted. They asked about Will and caught me up on what their kids have been up to. They don't run the bar next door anymore so I don't see them as often as I used to. It was really nice to sit down with them. By the time we finished our drinks, their daughter was getting out of swim practice at the local pool so we all went to get gelato. Il Gelato at the Gray Mall in Aviano got a face lift and had been closed for awhile. I think they had their grand reopening a week or two ago and it looks really nice. The gelato was delicious as always, totally worth freezing my butt off for...it was pretty cold out, but that never stops me from getting ice cream or gelato. Never. Even in Alaska in negative degree weather, I still got my ice cream fix.

Albino suggested we take pictures of our gelato and send it to Will. He didn't think I'd take him seriously and when I whipped out my iTouch he said, "No, no, no! He'll say f--- you! I want one, it's hot here." Hahaha!

Like I said, amazing landlord. We got so lucky when we found our house.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Queen Protects the King

I saw a quote on Pinterest and I fell in love with it. "Every man needs a woman when his life is a mess because, just like in the game of chess, THE QUEEN PROTECTS THE KING." It's how I feel about Will. I feel a strong desire to protect him and take care of him. So when I saw this crown ring on Etsy I knew I wanted it. It was fate, the seller is from Portland!

It arrived before Will left and showed it to him as a surprise. He normally gives an uninterested nod or a flat, "Cool." when I show him things I bought. But I was surprised when he stopped what he was doing to look at it and then waited to see how it looked on my finger. He loves it! I wanted to wear it on my middle finger next to my ring finger, but I underestimated my finger sizes and it fits on my ring finger. Turns out, it fits perfectly above my wedding band so that worked out nicely.

Every time I look down at it I feel proud to be Will's wife and fiercely protective of what we have. It's a good feeling.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Over the Weekend

This weekend was both good and bad. For the most part, I've been handling Will's absence surprisingly well. I think it's all my amazing blog friends and their encouraging words. I still can't get over how caring people are.

I got a few messages here and there from Will, as always he wasn't very talkative. But it was just so comforting to get those few words from him.

Saturday I went to see G.I. Joe: Retaliation with two of our friends from the other squadron on base. SO good! I don't remember much of the first one, but I definitely know this one was better. I'm not easily impressed by fight scenes...in fact I usually get bored halfway through them. But this one had some great ones.

After the movie we didn't know what to do and we ended up sitting outside on our cars and talking. It was warm sunny day and we were just soaking it all in.

I accidentally took this while hanging out in my trunk, I kinda like it.
I was sitting in my trunk since my car is super dirty. D noticed the trunk release and asked if I ever tested it out. I've never had any reason to so he jumped in to try it out...presumably to give me peace of mind in case I ever get locked in my trunk.

Sunday started out not so good. I was frustrated with the lack of communication with Will. I know I should be more patient, but I was never really good at that. In my head I know better, but I react faster than I think. It's something I struggle to work on. I had planned on staying in bed with Netflix all day, but he was able to Skype me for about an hour and it seriously turned my day right around. I just needed to see his face and hear his voice. I vented to him and he took it all in stride as usual. He said the words I didn't know I needed so badly. He made me laugh, he pretended to touch my face, he kissed me through the screen.

After that, I jumped out of bed. I came downstairs and started rearranging and cleaning. Now that he's gone, I can pack up and store all the military crap that has been cluttering downstairs. It's amazing how much bigger the room seems without the bags and gear that he keeps ready and immediately available to toss in the car for exercises. I love it!

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Library Pending

I mentioned awhile ago to Will that I want a Beauty and the Beast library someday. I didn't think he thought much about it, but he surprised me last week by saying he wanted to get me bookshelves before he leaves so I can get started on my library. I was floored that he remembered!

So off to Ikea we went!

Sidenote: I love that these sanitary sprays are getting more and more popular. They have them at most of the rest stops on the freeways. I carry wipes in my purse just in case though.

We found this bookshelf right off the bat and we both loved it. Don't ask why it was different the other dozen of bookshelves that we found, but it was. Unfortunately, it wasn't available. WHY WOULD YOU PUT IT ON YOUR FLOOR AND NOT HAVE IT AVAILABLE? Not happy.

In the end, we ended up with some simple white shelves. Since Will was busy trying to out-process and pack, I assumed I would have to bribe one of our friends to come over and help me build the shelves. I didn't even bother asking him to do it. But no! He stayed up to build my shelves and help me carry down all the books that were still in a box upstairs. I love that he wanted so badly to do this for me.

Not only did he build my shelves, he helped me put away all our clean laundry, moved our bed down to the second floor so I wouldn't die of a heat stroke in the summer (there's no AC unit on the third floor), and helped me clean up the third floor so I wouldn't have a crazy mess to deal with up there. I'm just so grateful to have such a great guy for a husband.

Friday, April 5, 2013


Saying goodbye to my husband never gets easier. It was, is, and will always be one of the hardest things I ever do. He is my partner in every way and it's hard to have to do everything on my own when he's gone. I did my best to memorize his kisses, the feel of his arms around me, and the comfort of his presence to draw on when I'm missing him. I smell his clean scent from his towel and hug his pillow close. He gave me his wedding ring to wear while he's gone. I wish it fit on my finger, but I have to settle for wearing it around my neck.

On our way to our last date night dinner for awhile.

I have to thank all of my blog friends, my friends here with me, and our families and friends back home for all the support and love they've been sending my way. It was overwhelming and calming to know that there's so many people thinking of us and ready to be a shoulder to cry on when my strength fails. This isn't going to be easy, but it will be easier thanks to the amazing people in our lives.

Can you please send your prayers/positive thoughts/good karma out to my husband and the men with him? Pray for a safe return and for comfort while they're so far away.