Thursday, March 28, 2013

Expiration Dates...Check Them

So I thought I was being super strong and rock solid for Will this week. I was! But then he came home and told me the date he's leaving. I seriously thought I gave him a "Okay, we knew it was coming and it's good that we finally have a deployment date." But apparently I was giving him a horrified look because he immediately wrapped me in his arms and whispered, "I know." And the minute he hugged me I started crying. DAMN IT! I was doing so well too.

Anyway, did you know toothpaste has an expiration date? I guess we always just buy them when the last tube runs out so I never thought about it....until two days ago. Our tube was on its last leg. I mean, we were really squeezing the life out of it to get the very last bit out. I had a running list of things we needed from the BX so I figured we'd just pick a new tube up on our next trip. Well when Will dumped his mo bag out, he found the one we'd stuck in there for exercises. Yay!

Will: Where did you find this? [holding a box of toothpaste]
Ech: Really? You're going to act like you didn't just pull it out of your mo bag?
Will: But I didn't put it here.
Ech: I hate you. Stop being creepy! I didn't leave this chair! [I was literally sitting in front of the computer for at least half an hour doing my daily blog reads.]
Will: Maybe I did. I don't remember setting it down on the stairs. [Looks down at the pile of toiletries he just pulled out of his bag, then looks at the stairs.]
I'm super easy to creep out so now I have the heebies because there's a chance he didn't set it down on the stairs.

Remember how we moved here in August of 2011? A few weeks after we got here there was an exercise so we bought a bunch of toiletries for his mo bag inspection. And he just left everything in there for all the exercises between then and now. So...that toothpaste definitely expired January of 2012.

Did either of us think about this before we used it the next morning? Of course not! He noticed it was a little discolored, but didn't think anything of it. My contacts were bugging me that morning so I didn't see the color, but I noticed that it disintegrated alarmingly fast and had none of the usual fresh minty flavor. I immediately spit it out and checked the crimp. SICK NASTY! I was overly disturbed that I had that stuff in my mouth!!! Will kind of shrugged it off and probably would have continued to use it if I hadn't replaced it that day.

We had a lot of errands to do so it was easy to swing by the BX and pick up a new tube....and then we accidentally somehow ended up walking out with two new video games as well. What? I forgot that the new Gears of War came out like two weeks ago and the new Bioshock was on a fancy display reminding us to pick one up.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Grown Up Stuff

I worked a few years as in admitting both in the ED (emergency department) and main (main admitting in the hospital). I had to ask every single patient if they had a living will or advance directive, but yet I never had one myself. Will and I finally sat down and got ours done at the legal office on base today. You don't necessarily need a lawyer to fill one out. You can get general documents from your doctor or local hospital. You just need to have it witnessed and notarized. Since we had the legal resources available to us, we took advantage.

Now I know no one likes talking about death and dying. I sure don't. But as painful and awkward as it is, it's good to think about it. Just because you're not a fan of organ donation or life support, doesn't mean your loved ones feel the same. And vice versa of course.

Advance Directive:
If you're not able to make decisions for yourself (ex. you're intubated, sedated, unconscious, not of sound mind, etc), you can appoint someone as your healthcare representative. This is not the same as a general power of attorney. This is a specific permission for healthcare decisions only. It's also known as a durable power of attorney.

Living Will:
What about if you're on your deathbed? What if you're in a coma? What if you have a life threatening illness? What do you think about life support and tube feeding? If you feel one way or the other, you should definitely have a living will. For instance, I don't want life support if it won't help a recovery. If I'm going to die either way and life support is going to prolong that thank you. But that's just my choice. Yours could be entirely different. What if you filled out an advance directive and you chose me as your representative? I could decide to pull the plug and you wanted to be plugged in! So fill one out!

Attached to our advance directive and living will was a disposition of remains. It basically covered organ donation and any funeral requests (like burial or cremation). Will was asked if he wanted military honors at his funeral or not.

 Maybe it's my job training, but I'm big into getting people to fill this stuff out. You just never know when these decisions could be an issue.

If you're military, you can fill out a worksheet online and bring the worksheet number to the legal office to be printed out. Take advantage! They hook you up with everything.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Cheesecake

Sorry I'm posting again. I got a lot of messages asking how the cheesecake came out so I feel like you'll forgive me. Before I went to bed I poked at it...okay I palmed it don't ask me why, I don't know see if it was setting correctly. It didn't jiggle so it seemed like it was going well. I was tempted to dig in, but the mister got off late and we were both exhausted.

After he left for work today I crossed my fingers and tried it out.

Yay it didn't fall apart when I took the sides off! I promise it's not really that weird color. The lighting in the kitchen is awful. Unfortunately the crust crumbled and barely half decided to come along with the cake.

But it was light and fluffy and absolutely delicious! I'll probably stick to the store bought crusts because this one was way too much work. But I tried and I always wanted to make my own graham cracker crust. I tried getting some of the guys to come over and help me eat it because I know I'm more than capable of eating the entire thing by myself. But they're on TDY in Spain. Lucky bums! But luckily for me, they'll be back in time to be my hang out buddies when the mister leaves. Oddly enough, Will is not a big fan of cheesecake. WHAT!? I know right? He'll eat a piece, but that's all. 

Oh PS, the mister loved the chicken too! He liked it so much he took all the leftovers for his lunch today. 

First Things First

1. First roommate
Having Annerrr has my first roommate set the mood for the rest of my college experience. She got me out of my high school shell and pushed me to do things I never would have done on my own. Our freshmen year was absolutely ridiculously fun. We were literally legends in the first month because she wrote "Immaculate Conception" in huge letters on our window which overlooked the basketball courts. Everyone who came to visit always said, "Oh, that's who lives here!" And also I think the first or second night we went around the dorm writing messages on people's whiteboards saying hi. The funniest part was when two guys from the second floor came to say hi back and left us a message. We completely forgot that we had made our tour! We were like, "Who the hell are Landon and David?" Not gonna lie, we were slightly skeeved. Until we met them in person. Davy ended up becoming a really good friend by the end of the year. So funny!

This picture is actually from our junior year since I really don't have pictures of just the two of us from freshmen year.

2. First time living away from home (when/where/why)
The very first time was when I was about 8 I stayed with my aunty and uncle for the summer who were living in Portland at the time and I was living in Hawaii. The first time when I was kind of on my own was when I was 16 for a Upward Bound Math & Science at University of Idaho. We had RA's and dorm rooms. It was a more structured, more supervised version of college to give us an idea of what to expect. We took classes during the week and went camping, hiking, and biking on the weekends. At the end of the program we went on a roadtrip through Montana and visited the state universities. I had a blast being away from home (despite all the ridiculous rules) and met a lot of cool people (including Jordan from Trailer Gypsy & Joy of Joyous Occasion Photography)

3. First college dorm room (we want to see pictures and read explanations!)
Oh gosh Annerr and I didn't plan a whole lot in advance. We figured out who would bring what, but other than that we winged it. Somehow our room became the hangout room. Sometimes we'd go off to wander around the dorm or make food and come back to find people watching tv in our room. 

When realized how small the rooms were (they were originally Army barracks), her dad went out and got the supplies to build us a loft. We would climb onto our beds by climbing onto our built in dressers. After a particularly crazy night we'd wake up in bed, look down, and laugh. Neither of us would ever be described as clean so our dressers were always full of makeup, hair things, and prefunk supplies. Don't ask how in the world we got into bed, our theory is that we flew. Getting down was always tricky and sometimes involved a life defying jump. Yet another reason to apologize to the guys living below us. We really tortured them.

The only picture I really have of our room. The rest are of people in it, but not the room itself.

Disaster Adjacent

Today I tried to make up for our unproductive weekend. I was all gung-ho about getting things done! I picked up around the first floor...but then Will decided to dump his mo bag out to see what he needed to update/keep/replace.

I decided to wrap the box I wanted to send to Seester since she's currently deployed. I've been taking advantage of the free APO to APO shipping. I've been hoarding boxes for care packages for Will and Seester and I use brown paper bags to wrap them for shipping. I'm feeling super crunchy granola about it. But then the bag ripped as I was breaking it down. Rather than waste another bag, I made it work.

The sides were a pain the butt. I was muttering and swearing so much Will had to scold me. For a crew chief to scold me on my that means something. The tape split and refused to match up again. Everytime I almost got it lined up, it would pull apart again. I ended up using scotch tape to hold everything down and then going over it again with packing tape. 

To cheer myself up after the whole box debacle I decided to make myself a cheesecake. Ever since Halie over at Penguins, Pasta & Polka Dots mentioned cheesecake, I've been craving it like crazy. I checked my Pinterest boards and found a recipe. I've never used a spring form pan before so it was already an adventure. Well somehow during the crust making portion the clasp came undone. Graham cracker crumbs everywhere.

I moved along and realized I didn't have a pan for the water bath. Great. I tried it anyway. It's chilling in the fridge now so I'll let you know how that goes. Fingers crossed it's edible!

To make up for the crazy cheesecake, I made a brown sugar Italian chicken. But I didn't realize until halfway through preparing everything that the chicken pieces weren't all the way defrosted. It worked out okay though. I didn't set the timer after one of the rotations so it ended up a little overcooked, but still really good.

After all my attempts at productivity turned into almost disasters, I gave up. Now I'm going to catch up on my favorite blogs and then I'm going to read Gone Girl.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Over the Weekend

We really didn't do a whole lot this weekend. Well, I guess if you can count a Saved by the Bell marathon and a mini Heroes marathon something I guess we did a whole lot.

Oh! I made clam chowder! I'm used to thick chowder so I was a little disappointed at first. But then after I tried it, I was sold. Obviously the mister liked it because I have no photographic evidence to show that I even made soup from scratch. I pinned it if anyone wants to try out the recipe for themselves. I give it a big thumbs up. I doubled the bacon and next time I'll add more potatoes.

When I woke up on Saturday, I got an email from my aunty that my grandpa had a heart attack a few days ago and was in the hospital. It was the first Seester and I heard about it! Since she's deployed and I'm in Italy, we spent all day worrying and waiting until it was daytime in Hawaii to try Facebooking and calling our family. Turns out my grandpa is a badass. He felt the beginnings of the heart attack, recognized what was going on, and called 911. He has some other issues going on, but for now he looks okay. Seester and I were reassured by our cousins, aunty, and dad that our grandpa seems to be weak, but okay. He does have a few issues that we are praying will clear up.

I'm telling you, I was stressing out! The mister is about to deploy so I'm not leaving here until he leaves. I was just praying that Grandpa could hold on until I could get home. This was an eye opener though. I'll probably fly home later this year (depending on his recovery) just to spend some time with him. He's my only grandparent and I want to get all the quality time in that I can while it's possible.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013


I'm sick. Nothing serious. But it's serious enough to make me slightly delirious. I apologize for any strange comments that I've left on your blogs in the last few days. I've been hopped up on drowsiness and cold medicine. Oh and my nose is like a faucet. I'm seriously considering shoving a tampon into my right nostril.

Anyway, the mister and I have been watching a lot of TV lately. I thought I'd share our latest favorites so I can bond more with blog friends over our common interests and whatnot.

#1 - Archer
My husband is beyond thrilled that I find this show hilarious. He thought I wouldn't enjoy the show's type of humor. Not only is the show hilarious, my husband's reaction to the jokes are just as funny. When he starts laughing uncontrollably, I can't help but laugh too.

#2 - The Walking Dead
I'm actually kind of over this show. The mister loves it though. This season seems to be a whole lot of talking and whining and observing and talking. Daryl is my one ray of sunshine in the show. He's such a badass! I have to admit, I spend most of the time playing a game on my ipod and listening. The zombies are too gross for me.

#3 - Heroes
I watched the series when it was on air, but Will hasn't really watched it. I think he's seen parts of an episode or the promos. I had to harass him into watching it on Netflix with me. Of course now he's hooked. I knew he'd like it. I don't know why he doesn't just listen to me from the start. We got to the part of the series when David Anders makes his appearance. Reasons I love him: He's hot. He can do a British accent. He's from Oregon. Winner! It's fine, Will drools over Ali Larter.

Right now those are our top three shows that we're glued to at the moment. It sucks having to wait for the mister to get home to watch an episode or two. But it's so much more fun watching them together.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Writing for Therapy

I wrote this a few days ago and totally forgot about it. It was one of those writing for therapy things. I also have a physical journal that I write in when these bad feelings pop up. I started last year when Will's deployment was officially decided. I haven't written in it lately, but I think it's time to pull it out and write again because it gets harder and harder as the day gets closer. (Not that we even have a date...just a vague week when he'll most likely leave.)

Most of the time I'm really strong as he prepares to leave me. But sometimes my resolve weakens at the most random moments. While we're lying on the couch watching tv. When I first wake up and reach for him. When he makes me breakfast and hands me the plate. Soon enough he won't be cuddling me as we watch Netflix all night, he won't be there when I reach out in the morning, and I'll have to make all my meals for myself. It's the little things I'll miss the most.

I'm just trying to memorize how it feels to be near my husband, to physically touch him. Not in a sexual way, but just in a "you're here with me and I can prove it by touching you" kind of way. I need that feeling to hold onto for almost the rest of the year. I told him no more blowing kisses to each other across the room while we can help it. I only want the real thing as often as possible because soon enough we'll be sending kisses over screens and letters. I'm hugging him more often. I'm kissing him longer. Anything to try to hold onto him while I have him.

Most of the time I'm really strong. But not always. And in those moments of not always, I break. I wonder how I was ever able to hold it together. I have to remind myself over and over that I'm not dealt anything that I can't overcome.

We've been through worse distance and we've been through longer separations when we were less committed to each other. Not only did we survive it, we came out of it stronger and closer. This is my mantra.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First Things First

First ever blog post

I've been casually blogging since Xanga days in middle school...I'm sure it was some immature, angsty post or a survey since those were super cool back then.

Of this blog, it was Goodbye Portland, Hello Anchorage. Will was stationed there so the whole "Where will we live after we get married?" question was answered for us. I started this blog to let my family in Oregon and Hawaii know what's going on with me. I also wanted to let Will's family in Florida get to know me and hear what he's up to.

First ever blog comment

I can't remember. It was most likely from a friend back home.

First ever blog-friend or friends

Once I started blogging more seriously I found out pretty quickly that my friend from college, Sar, is also a blogger! She's over at [life of love]. I also found Trailer Gypsy written by my friend, Jordan. We've known each other since we spent a summer at a college prep program at University of Idaho when we were 16. Both are awesome ladies and have equally awesome blogs.

Monday, March 18, 2013

This Weekend I...

We went out with our friends to Colorado's this weekend. I think the official name is New Bowling Colorado. It's a big kid playground. Bowling, pool, arcade games, and laser tag. Will kicked my butt at air hockey. Not happy about that one. But the two of us were the top scorers for both teams on laser tag. I almost didn't go since I wasn't feeling well, but it was so worth it to act like a kid for the night.

True story: We played laser tag against a group of Italian boys. They totally cheated! They waited in the ready room and from there they shot us in the backs as we ran in our door instead of running in theirs. It's okay we still beat them. But they messed up on the team colors and the guy gave them our prize. Whatever, we kicked their butts and we know it.

New Bowling Colorado
New Bowling Colorado
New Bowling Colorado
Super fun game, you throw ball pit balls at targets on the screen.
New Bowling Colorado
Not the winning grab, but the next one was!

New Bowling Colorado
Via De Gasperi, 2 
31038 Susegana (TV)

When we got home, we toasted Tab over at My Cliffnotes for her birthday. Wine glasses make any drink instantly classy. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!)


Sunday was our errands, chores, and shopping day. Our kitchen is painfully bare, we need to do laundry, and Will wanted to get me started on my Beauty and the Beast library with a bookshelf. Plus we wanted to check out the Violet Festival in Spilimbergo and some sort of motocross thing going on in the river beds in the area.

...Obviously none of that happened. Instead we lounged around in our pj's and watched Heroes & Archer.

Lazy Sunday in PJ's
Lazy Sunday in PJ's
NO GREEN! Hahaha!

Friday, March 15, 2013


I got lots of comments about the height difference between Will and I. I guess a lot of our pictures are taken with the "arm extended" technique so our heads are squeezed in close together at the same height. I never realized it until now. So since it's lazy Friday and my husband's crazy work schedule has gotten me sick...I will give you a montage of pictures showing just how short I am.

Thanksgiving 2010 in Anchorage
January 2011 Jesolo
November 2012 Venzone

Our wedding September 2010
I was standing behind Will and someone honestly asked where I went.
My favorite part about being small...Will's lap = cushy seat!

PS - Check out the big giveaway over at Mish Lovin' Life! We're giving away some ad space and there's lots of other cool prizes!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

ABC's of Ech & Will

{A} Age: Ech: 26 Will: 23

{B} Bed size: Queen. It works for now but we'd like a king someday.
{C} Chore you hate: Ech: Laundry Will: Cleaning dishes
{D} Dogs: Ech: I wish! I'm dying for a rotweiller or doberman. Will: I want a huskie.
{E} Essential start to your day: Ech: A snuggle with the mister, then email and Facebook. Will: A kiss from Ech.
{F} Favorite color: Ech: Blue Will: Green
{G} Gold or Silver: Silver
{H} Height: Ech: 5'0" Will: 6'0"
{I} Instruments you play: Ech: I can play a few chords on the guitar. Will: None.
{J} Job Title: Ech: Awesome Wife Will: Crew Chief
{K} Kids: None, but hopefully very soon!
{L} Live: Aviano AFB, Italy
{M} Married: For over 2 years
{N} Nicknames: Ech & Will (obviously)
{O} Overnight hospital stays: None (knock on wood)
{P} Pet peeve: Ech: Arrogance and ignorance Will: When people don't wipe the toilet seat.
{Q} Quote: That's too hard to narrow down.
{R} Righty or Lefty: Righties
{S} Siblings: Ech: 3 younger sisters Will: 2 sisters and 1 brother
{T} Time you wake up: Varies depending on Will's schedule.
{U} University attended: Ech: Pacific Lutheran University Will: None yet
{V} Vegetables you dislike: Ech: Pretty much all of them. Will: Beets
{W} What makes you run late: Ech: If my hair decides to be uncooperative. Will: Making food.
{X} X-Rays you've had: Ech: Teeth and back Will: Teeth, my hand from a work injury, shoulder...also from a work injury.
{Y} Yummy food: Ech: Italian and Hawaiian Will: wings
{Z} Zoo animal favorite: Ech: Elephants...especially the baby ones. Will: Tigers

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

I started a Passion Fruit account...not to make money, but to make it easier for the times I help out with giveaways. Let's test it out!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Plitvice Lakes

I'm sure you've seen pictures of Plitvice Lakes in Croatia are all over Pinterest. Mama loves waterfalls and we were really looking forward to seeing the lakes. We had really really high hopes and we weren't disappointed. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. If you've Googled it, you'll run across descriptions of hundreds of waterfalls. They're not joking. There are several pathways to follow for people of all walking abilities, we chose the longest so we could see as much as possible. It didn't take as long as we thought it would.

The path starts out high, goes down to the water, and goes up each level to the top lake. It's a little hard to explain but basically it's a lake emptying into a lake going down several times, that's why there's so many waterfalls. The paths are all cleared or boardwalked so it was really easy going. The water flows over the boardwalk in a lot of places...which is awesome and terrifying at the same time. It took me a little while to get used to walking on the walkways. It's a little freaky to walk over the water on logs nailed together. But by the end of the afternoon, it was no big deal.

Since we went during the off-season we practically had the place to ourselves. We ran into people here and there on the trail, but other than that it was just the three of us going at our own pace. The only places we really ran into a lot of people were at the ferry and tram stops. It's really the perfect place for nature lovers, but it's not so nature-y that a city girl like me feels uncomfortable.

And that is the end of Mama's trip! I've finally posted all of our travel adventures while she was here. We all had a blast! Will and I are hoping she comes back again before we PCS, but she'd rather wait until after we PCS to visit us so she can go somewhere new. Plus she still needs to visit Seester at her base. Boo sibling equality! We all know I'm her favorite anyway. ;)

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Monday, March 11, 2013

This Weekend I...

We went and saw Oz the Great and Powerful Saturday at the UCI theater by the Emisfero mall in Pordenone. Have you seen it? If you have, please tell me you were laughing out loud throughout the show. We went with our friends I swear it was just the four of us laughing throughout most of it. *sort of spoiler alert, but not really* You know the shank part? The four of us were DYING. But no one else was really laughing. I think there were a few quick little HA's. Anyway, we all really enjoyed the movie.

The Reel Wyvern
If you're stationed at Aviano, check out The Reel Wyvern's FB site. A guy (I believe his name is Jay, but I'm not positive) does his best to act as a liaison between the Americans and the theater. He's really good about listing movies and times. This weekend was the first time they opened up on the weekend for movies in English. Until now they've been doing one mid-week showing. They're trying this new thing where they open the whole theater at 10:30 on Saturdays and show all the movies they have available in English. The guy who runs the FB site is really cool about listening to complaints too. He asks how everyone's shows went so he can bring it up to the management at the theater if something goes wrong.

UCI Cinemas
Via Maestri del Lavoro, n. 51
Fiume Veneto Pordenone

 After the movie, we walked around the mall for a little while. The guys dared each other to pose in the windows as mannequins...

posing as mannequins
posing as mannequins

...those aren't sunglasses they're wearing. They're the 3D glasses from the movies. The theaters here allow you to reuse your own glasses. If not, it costs an extra euro to buy the glasses.

I had to post this because this is one of my favorite quick dinner meals that we make every once in awhile. We fry burger patties up with some teriyaki sauce and eat it with rice and an egg. SO good! And SO easy!

teriyaki burger patty with an egg and rice

The mister and I spent the rest of our Saturday catching up on Boardwalk Empire and watching Heroes on Netflix. I told Will he'd like it and he fought me for the longest time, but I finally broke him down. Of course now he's hooked.

I posted a picture on Facebook recently and he wasn't smiling so a lot of our friends and family were teasing him about it and telling him to smile more. He posted the following picture as a rebuttal with the caption: "Here's a picture of me smiling. Now stop telling me to smile."

I found out I won a giveaway at We Took the Road Less Traveled. My first ever! How cool is that!? 

On Sunday we went to a friend's house for a bbq. He used to live in the same dorm as Will and Seester at Elmendorf so we've known him for a long time. When we pulled onto his street a super cute dog was walking on the side of the street. Just as we would start to pull around it, it would swerve to the middle of the street then cross over. I swear he was doing it on purpose after we tried twice to pass and couldn't. When we walked into our friend's house guess who was sitting on the couch? 

He was a crazy pants, but after he burned off all his energy he made a great cuddle buddy.

After that we met up with some other friends for a late dinner at Boi Gordo. Basically it's a fixed price and you go to a buffet for your sides...rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, vegetables, etc. Then you sit at your table and they bring around huge skewers of meat and slice a piece off for you. They told us what each meat was when they got to the table, but of course they said in Italian so we have no idea what we were eating. There's a card on the table. It's basically red light, green light. Red, "No more I'm stuffed" or maybe "I need a break come back later". Green, "Come on over!" We made it through 5 or 6 rounds before we had to give up. There was a breaded chicken breast that was AMAZING. But I also liked what seemed like roast beef and a steak. Our server spoke really nice English and everyone was really friendly. We practically had to roll ourselves to the parking lot by the end of the meal.

On the way out all of us got a toy from the vending machines. (Because we're all small children at heart and couldn't pass it up.) I got a green dragon. I named him Duck the Dragon since he's UO colors. Will got some sort of bouncy goo thing. It's not as cool as my toy.

Boi Gordo Via Pontebbana, 13 
33080 Pordenone Zoppola

And to top off my weekend...I inspired some ramen creativity over at Mr. & Mrs. Foster. Yesss!

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Friday, March 8, 2013


I need to do a little bragging about my man. He got a new ribbon and medal for a NATO mission he helped out with when we first got here. Really, all he did was his job. But I'm glad he (and the other people he works with) got recognition...even if it took almost 2 years to get it.

Trying to get a picture of him in uniform with his new stuff is ridiculously difficult. He thinks it's silly, but I love it and our families love it. I have to catch him on his way out the door. This may sound easy, but I adjust my sleep schedule to his so I'm trying to wake up as he's getting ready. He changes in the locker room at work so he comes home in his sweats. OR he'll walk in the door and BAM! stripped down to his underwear and socks by the time I turn my head to say hello.

I chased him into the bathroom the other day trying to get him to put on his uniform again to take pictures.

I finally remembered to get him to take a picture today. I had to dig around to find it because he had filed the certificate and put the ribbon/medal box in the box with the rest of his military stuff. As you can see in the first picture, he was losing patience with me so a real smile wasn't going to happen.