Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chicken Wings

I'm not a fan of wings. Oh, I'll eat them. But I don't crave them and go crazy for them. Mike and Will do. When they found out I wouldn't make any for them, they set out to do it themselves. They were so proud of themselves and the wings came out really well.

Mike so proud of his wing making abilities
Teamworking the wings

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Seahawks v Buccaneers

It was a rough day in the Ech and Will apartment. The Hawks and Buccs played today. There was lots of yelling, throwing of objects, pouting, and cheering.  Unfortunately the Buccs won and I had to go out and warm up the car because of it.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Reflection

In the recent years, I didn't feel much on this day. If I wasn't in Hawaii, I wouldn't feel the holiday spirit. To me the holidays were all about being surrounded by family.

Christmas Eve was spent with my mom's extended family. It was painfully embarrassing, but Aunty Jean would make everyone perform for their presents. The kids would run wild in the spare rooms while the adults drank and caught up. Then just my mom's siblings would gather up the kids and we'd go over to Grandpa's house to open stockings. He had the coolest stockings. None of them matched, but they were all huge and chock full of goodies. I remember thinking those stockings must have magic qualities similar to Mary Poppins's bag. I'd keep reaching and reaching farther and farther in and it seemed more and more would come out. When Kelsiann and I were younger, we'd fall asleep by the fire or in the game room before midnight so our parents would scoop us up and take us home. We'd open more presents the next morning and Santa would leave anotherstocking for us. As we got older, we sweet talked our parents into letting us open our presents Christmas Eve night.  But every morning there'd be big presents from Santa and always our stockings would be full.  We'd find ourselves at my dad's side of the family.  Our grandparents' house was always loud.  The cousins would be wrestling in the living room or in Grandma's room watching tv.  There'd be more presents, but we'd have to wait until everyone was done eating and the food was settled.  It was like a shotgun at a race when one of the adults announced it was present time.  The younger kids would sort out the presents, everyone would have a stack in front of them.

We'd always have a big loud, crazy, exciting Christmas.  But I grew up and things changed.  Christmas didn't include all my cousins.  I didn't see extended family that I normally never see.  There was only one Christmas celebration.  Not to say that it was bad.  Mama, Seester, and I had a great time together.  We had our own way of doing things and no one could tell us we couldn't do what we wanted.  My mom always found a way to surprise us on Christmas.  Our stocking were always full on Christmas morning.  In the end, I still had family with me.

In college, Christmas became less and less.  In fact, I stayed at school and worked my senior year.  Christmas was just another day, except all the stores were closed.  Lame.

This year is different.  I have Will now and we're a new family.  We didn't go all out, but we bought a few Christmas dish towels and we put our cards up on the wall.  We tried to put up a string of ornaments, but it fell.  This is our first holiday season together and we're trying to figure out the beginnings of our own traditions.  It's an exciting time of year again.  I'm still feeling twinges of sadness over missing out on being with the rest of my family.  I still wish I could be in Oregon with Mama or in Hawaii with Daddy.  But Seester is here.  My husband is here.  That's enough to make me happy today.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

For the first time since December 21, 1638 Winter Solstice and a lunar eclipse happened on the same night. If it weren't for this landmark of an occasion, I would have stayed tightly wrapped in my blanket cocoon watching Lie to Me on my computer. The curiosity was strong enough to get me up and bundled up in my scarf, coat, and boots and out onto our balcony. (Sidebar: I'm horrible with directions.  Even if I did know the direction of the moon, I wouldn't know which way to face.) After a few minutes of searching, I located the moon above the tree in our complex. The moon was especially far away today so it wasn't as good of a view as I was expecting, but eclipses are always pretty cool to see.  For those of you who missed it due to sleep, cloud cover, laziness, etc. I took a picture so you can pretend like you did.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Walmart FTW

The mister and I took advantage of our snowy Saturday afternoon and ran around town to take care of some errands. Unfortunately we didn't consult our list and forgot to go to the bank for laundry quarters, the post office for stamps, and the commissary for food. Actually, we didn't so much forget the commissary so much as got distracted by picking up our dressers (finally). Scan Home failed and was a month late in delivering our dressers. I've been very much looking forward to getting them set up in our room so I can take control of the closet. If you look in our closet right now, I'm being oh so very generous in letting Will use half the closet. This will change. Except for his dress shirts and blues, everything will go into his dresser. Anyway, I digress. Scan Home didn't call us to let us know our dressers were available to be picked up. No. Will had to call several times in the last couple weeks to ask about them. The salesman who helped us played it off as if they just arrived and he was about to call us. Too bad his coworker told us last week that they had arrived, they just needed to make space in the warehouse before they could receive it from the truck.

After picking up our dressers, we headed to the library. Again, lots of excitement in getting the books I put on hold. One of which: 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go. I read the intro and one chapter and I already know I have to buy this book. It's so perfect! I'm definitely getting hyped on this whole Italy assignment.

By this time it was getting late and the commissary wasn't going to happen. So we went to Walmart. I went with the intentions of browsing and only getting Christmas cards for the family, printer paper and envelopes. I don't know how we ended up with Christmas candle holders, pine scented candles to go in said holders, a toothbrush holder and a soap dispenser. I really don't. We almost came home with a Kinect. But we decided to be responsible and wait.

I would say we had a very successful errand run today. Maybe we got a little sidetracked, but look how pretty!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ice Chamber

Anytime we want to drive somewhere we have to deal with this first:

It's like slow torture waiting for the car to warm up.

Luckily, I have a camera and my mister to keep me entertained.

As a reward for our patience, we went to get pho at Pho Vietnam, our second favorite Vietnamese restaurant in town.

Pho Vietnam
3030 Denali St Unit 1

AnchorageAK 99503

Monday, November 29, 2010

Alyeska Resort

Mike didn't get to go home for his birthday, so Will and I took him to Aleyska Resort to celebrate. When Seester found out we were going snowboarding for the weekend she tagged along.

We didn't get there in time to do some night boarding so we explored the hotel.

We woke up early(ish) the next day to get out and on the mountain. We only had one day of boarding so we wanted to get in as much as possible.


Alyeska Resort
1000 Arlberg Avenue
Girdwood, AK 99587

Friday, November 26, 2010

Nova Bear's Thanksgiving

Nova Bear's first snowman
Nova Bear checking in on the turkey

First Thanksgiving

So it's pretty clear, I'm not exactly the kind of girl who knows how to cook fancy meals or any kind of meal really. I like frozen pizzas, ramen, rice, and spam. But I thought it would be fun to take on a full Thanksgiving meal. We had corn on the cob, flaky biscuits, gravy (mix, not from drippings...that we'll save for another year), real mashed potatoes, and an 11+ pound turkey. Will and Mike really helped out a lot, I couldn't have done it without them. No, really. I could not have done it without them. When I cut the turkey out of its packaging, I got a good look at an uncooked whole turkey up-close for the first time. I got the heebies and immediately called the mister into the kitchen. The guys took care of taking out bag from inside and all handling of the bird while frozen.

Seester came over while the turkey was cooking and we all went outside to take pictures in the snow. I'm not sure when it started snowing, but it was coming down hard when we woke up and didn't start until after we went to bed.

When we got back inside from taking pictures, I put the boys to work peeling potatoes. I wish I had taken a video of them. They were talking to their potatoes as they peeled them.
"You stop slipping and you get over here and let me peel you."
"Yeah, thought you could away didn't you? Nope I got you and I peeled you."

While the guys talked to their potatoes, I got started on the sides and checked on the turkey.

Meanwhile, Seester checked her Facebook and painted her nails.

Despite my pre-turkey day nightmares, everything came out perfectly. I really don't think the turkey could have come out any better. I made the gravy mix with chicken broth instead of water and it was delicious! I'm so proud of our group effort! The Williams' first Thanksgiving: check. Maybe next year I'll try making stuffing and a homemade pie instead of store bought.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Man Love

Will has some major man love when it comes to Josh and Mike. These three were inseparable during their dorm days. Even though they're all separated now every once in awhile they get together, snuggle in like old times, and giggle uncontrollably at YouTube videos.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nova Bear

Will and I went to get pho with Seester and TJ at Pho Saigon. Out of all the spots in Anchorage, this is our favorite. We like the atmosphere and location better than the other places. Plus they serve some great food.

Playing games on their phones. No one cares about pictures.

Pho Saigon No. 2
1118 N. Muldoon Road, Suite 135
Anchorage, AK 99504

Next we went to the 5th Ave Mall to shop. Will was supposed to make me a Build a Bear before he went on TDY, but he never got around to it. To make up for it, he made one today. We named him Nova Bear! I wanted to dress him like an Airman so he could be like Will, but the mister wanted to dress him up in civies.

Seester trying on earmuffs for snowboarding

320 W 5th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501

After the mall, we headed back home to hang out. Mike got off work and came over to meet Nova Bear/eat our leftover pizza from dinner.

Will, Ech, & Nova Bear
Nova Bear is our friend, not food
Will & Nova Bear

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Great Morning!

Reasons this is already a great day:

I got to wake up next to my husband FINALLY! I know it was only 3 weeks, but it was entirely too long for my liking.  Hopefully there's no more TDY's or deployments for awhile.

[2] We woke up early, ate leftover pizza and watched Karate Kid (which should have been named Kung Fu Kid). The only problem, now we want to fight each other. We should take lessons or invest in those big inflatable punching gloves.

It's a GORGEOUS day!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What is This!? Snow!?

I took a picture of my car after the dusting we got last week because I wanted to show my mom and dad.  The next morning I was surprised at how much accumulated overnight.  We don't get snow like this in Portland!  Well...sometimes in December or January, but not often.  In any case, this is such a new experience for me, snow all the time.

I also had to dig out and start up the mister's truck.  He asks just about everyday if I've done it and I figured I should probably go do it since it's gotten pretty cold this week.  I also cleared the snow...kinda gives you a better look of how much added up in a little less than a week since the last time I cleared it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Job!

Today marks my first weekaversary at Providence Alaska Medical Center! I wasn't sure I would be offered the job since it was such a long gap between my interview and getting a call back, but it all worked out!

[pause for applause]

It has been a fairly painless process. I have a year of admitting experience in the ED so I have a bit of a clue on what's what. But they have so many different processes and procedures. It's hard untraining what I learned at my last hospital and retraining it to think on the same subject in a completely different way. I have a great battle buddy going through it all with me. Shelby and I went through orientation and now department training together. It's nice having someone to struggle along with me.

Work is a nice distraction. Distraction? Oh right, Will left me for three weeks! Didn't you just get married like a month ago? Why yes! Yes, we did. But don't you know, the military needed him on a TDY. For the first time, I'm completely on my own. It's awkward, but nice living alone. Not that I'm completely alone. Mike and TJ may as well have toothbrushes and a drawer here.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Used Car

We did a little Saturday afternoon/evening vehicle shopping with TJ's help. During our vacation in Hawaii, we rented a Ford Focus and I was impressed with it. Will had always said it was too small and "girly" for him. For some reason he changed his mind today. (Aka he decided a Prius was even girlier and went with the lesser of two evils.) I couldn't be happier with our choice! I'm so excited to have my own car to drive and now we have a non gas guzzler (his huge truck) to do errands.

new used car

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wedding, Wedding, Wedding

Even though we've been married 3 weeks, I'm still up to my ears in post-wedding duties. Lots of thank you cards, picture viewing/consolidation, and wedding announcements (I'm making them myself). I kind of accidentally took over the living room in an attempt to sort and file.

Even though I'm complaining, I'm actually having a lot of fun doing everything. Everything is slowly finding homes and the living room will be looking good by the time the mister comes home from work...hopefully.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Anchorage Public Library

Will and I went to Z.J. Loussac Library aka the Anchorage public library. I've been so excited to check it out! Seester had told me how nice it was, plus I wanted to get some new books. It's been a while since I've read a good book. I was impressed by the cool fountain up front. It's a Carl Nesjar Ice Fountain. 

Seester wasn't joking, it's one of the nicest libraries I've ever been in. I could have stayed a lot longer than we had time for, but Will had work so I had to make do with two books for now.

Z.J. Loussac Library
3600 Denali Street
Anchorage, AK 99503